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Junior Worlds 2022 was a memorable, one of a kind experience for us in many ways. First of all, just being able to skate two programs at Worlds was a big win for us🙏🏻 So much happened in the span of just a few days, from positive Covid tests, to switching spots for the short program in the warm up before taking the ice. This was the first Worlds for every skater on the team and for some it was even the first competition in juniors and a bunch of skaters had to learn new spots from the programs. With everything going on, we still managed to enjoy our time on the ice, and we are proud of that🤍 We ended up in fourth place and considering the uncertainty and lack of training for the past two weeks due to Covid cases in the team, we are happy with the result. Everyone on the team fought until the end, and now that we’re safely back home, we can finally sigh of relief🫂 Overall we’re grateful for the experience and many thank you’s are in order. Huge respect for our coaches for standing with us through this roller coaster. Our team leader and chaperone’s work before and during the trip was more valuable than we know how to say. Kella and Heta who came along this crazy ride, you were our saving angels. All of you are true Musketeers⚔️ Thank you also to Pihlajalinna for helping us get tested before the trip and to the doctors who we consulted to make sure no one’s health was compromised🤝 And finally, thank you to every one who cheered for us and sent us kind messages, we value all your support❤️ #WJSSC #WJSSC2022 #musketeers #synchronizedskating #hlmuokka #helsinginluistelijat #skatingfinland

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