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WE ARE TEAM FINLAND 2 FOR JUNIOR WORLDS!🇫🇮 This weekend was a bit of a rollercoaster for us🎢 We enjoyed skating the short program yesterday, earning 64,60 points and putting us in fourth place before the skate🚂 Today we fought and the Magic Carpet flew like we had practised, earning us 116,08🧞 ♂️ With a total score of 180,68 we managed to climb to the second place!🥈 Our biggest accomplishment of the weekend was qualifying for the Junior World Championships and we couldn’t be more overjoyed at the moment!😭 Hard work pays off, and we’ll continue working towards our next competitions💪🏻 Congratulations to all the other teams on your performances, especially Team Finland 1 teamfintastic and our club’s other teams moonlightshl moonshadowshl and silverlightshl !❤️ #musketeers #synchronizedskating #hlmuokka #helsinginluistelijat #skatingfinland

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