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Now that Worlds are over we take a look at our fabulous Nordic skaters who not only qualified but dazzled us with their enormous contribution to this festival. Josefin Taljegård 🇸🇪 came, saw and conquered with her determination and drive and finished 21st. Jenni Saarinen 🇫🇮 displayed a wonderful program with softness and beauty and was just shy of qualifying for the free skate in 25th place. Nikolaj Majorov 🇸🇪 performed with power and grit catapoulting over the ice into 19th place. Juulia Turkkila and Matthias Versluis 🇫🇮 swayed us with their unique elements and grace and skated to a 12th place finish. You all did us proud. Thank you🙏🏻. 📷 emjoeyes #skatingfinland #skatesweden #isufigure #isuworlds #isuworldchampionships #figureskaters #figureskating #icedancibg #nordicskaters #montpellier isufigureskating jenniisaarinen josefintaljegard juuliaturkkila matthiasversluis turkkilaversluis nikolaj_majorov

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