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Had a great time working at #finlandiatrophy over the weekend. I played the music during the free dance, free dance practice, and synchro unofficial practice, and I was "co-pilot" during the rhythm dance. Thanks to teamuniquehsk marigoldiceunity helsinkirockettes lumineerssynchro for your patience while I figured out the controls on Thursday night. 😊😅 Thanks to all the ice dancers paulyterr__ deividaskizala angelaling4 ca21eb caroline.g_103 michaelap95 nat_taschlerova filip_taschler01 turkkilaversluis kait_hawayek jeanlucbaker laurencefournierbeaudry nik_soerensen and their coaching teams for working so constructively with us during the practice and afterwards to achieve the best possible sound mix during the event itself. I took a lot of notes during practice and I did a lot of real-time mixing during the event, which I think made for a much better sound. A special 🙌 to those who thanked us from the ice during the practice - it might sound a bit shallow and silly, but after a 5.30am start and a lot of hard work, I really appreciated that acknowledgement! And of course a heartfelt high-five to those whose music I actually created, dreamedgessenior okayukapee juhopirinen, always the most special amongst the special. ❤️ #TeamTSMG (And yes, it was a slightly strange experience to play my own mixes during such a big competition 😅) #skatingfinland #isuchallengerseries #figureskating #synchroskating #icedance #figureskatingmusic #figureskatingmusiceditor #musiceditor #icedancemusic #icedancemusiceditor #skatingcompetition #livesound #baddabingbaddaboom #jobdone #seeyounextyear

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